Sunday, 16 March 2014

Smooth Sunday. Outfit of the day.

So, I opened my blind this morning to lovely sunshine and thought why not make the most of it. Having the option to venture out into the countryside I did just that.

After a while, we arrived in Derbyshire.

Seen as my decision to go out was on impulse I threw on a quick comfortable outfit consisting of:
Studded leather jacket- Northridge
Disco pants- New Look
Burgundy Vans- ASOS
White tee- New look
Slapped on some make up and off I dashed. This is a favoured look of mine as I find it a little 'grungey'/ Rock 'n' Roll, but relatively casual and extremely comfy.  

Made a new friend too. His name was Montgomery. (Beaver)

Throughout the woods we wandered that we had wandered through were a series of wooden carvings, such as the beaver I am pictured with (and slid off of, thanks disco pants!). I had visited this place during my childhood, and have always found it a lovely setting that is tranquil.

My ideal kind of Sunday really, and to top it off, I've arrived home to a lovely roast dinner! So happy Sunday! Hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did mine. :)
Love from Jenny oxox

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