Sunday, 16 March 2014

Smooth Sunday. Outfit of the day.

So, I opened my blind this morning to lovely sunshine and thought why not make the most of it. Having the option to venture out into the countryside I did just that.

After a while, we arrived in Derbyshire.

Seen as my decision to go out was on impulse I threw on a quick comfortable outfit consisting of:
Studded leather jacket- Northridge
Disco pants- New Look
Burgundy Vans- ASOS
White tee- New look
Slapped on some make up and off I dashed. This is a favoured look of mine as I find it a little 'grungey'/ Rock 'n' Roll, but relatively casual and extremely comfy.  

Made a new friend too. His name was Montgomery. (Beaver)

Throughout the woods we wandered that we had wandered through were a series of wooden carvings, such as the beaver I am pictured with (and slid off of, thanks disco pants!). I had visited this place during my childhood, and have always found it a lovely setting that is tranquil.

My ideal kind of Sunday really, and to top it off, I've arrived home to a lovely roast dinner! So happy Sunday! Hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did mine. :)
Love from Jenny oxox

Friday, 14 March 2014

New to this.

Well hello there.

So, usually following the route of social networking, I commonly use Facebook, Instagram and occasionally Twitter. However, I decided I wanted something that allowed me to go into more depth.

So welcome to my Blogger. I plan to base my post on a variety of things from fashion, to body modification and even day to day life.

The main point of it all is to just have fun and enjoy the experience, of which I hope we can all do together.

Love from Jenny oxox